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Boiler Industrial
Dust collectors in the Industrial Boiler market run the gamut of design types. GTFILTECHNICAL’s experience with the entire range of equipment types can assist you in operating more efficiently. From university boilers to manufacturing plant boilers, let our resources work for you to optimize baghouse performance and reduce operating costs.

Power Generation
As a pioneer in supplying filtration products and services to the Power Generation market, GTFILTECHNICAL has a rich history and an experience base that is second to none. Our product line of filter bags, accessories, and services can assist you in optimizing your baghouse performance and meet increasing demands to improve collection efficiencies. From support cages and felt and fiberglass filter bags to installation services, GTFILTECHNICAL offers a problem solving approach to meet your baghouse needs.

Waste Incineration
As an original equipment supplier to many waste incinerators, GTFILTECHNICAL understands the challenges faced in the Waste Incineration industry. Our product range of air pollution control equipment and services will keep your baghouses running efficiently. As air pollution control limits become more stringent, GTFILTECHNICAL can offer solutions to cost effectively meet these demands.

Carbon Black

The environmental and production demands on today's global carbon black producers require high performance filter media solutions. Pulse-jet and Reverse Air baghouses are prominent filters used in the industry. Due to high temperature applications, the predominant media is fiberglass material. Finishing/lubrication of fiberglass media is a critical step prior to manufacturing filters.GTFILTECHNICAL is the leader in fiberglass technology, and remains the only direct filter bag supplier that finishes fiberglass with in-house technology. The Carbon Black Industry is a process-controlled industry that requires the most durable construction, and the most efficient filter media.