3rd Generation Automatic Filter Bag Sewing Production Line


This new generation of automatic sewing line for tubular filter bags is an upgraded version of the 2nd-generation. While the strong points with the 2nd-generation are reserved, the new generation adopts new structure and adds a series of new functions which generate higher sewing efficiency, better quality bags, and simpler and safer operations.

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Third Generation Automatic Filter Bag Production Line 


Brief Introduction of the Function:


The structure of machine & functions, machine divided into 5 parts.


1.      Automatic Feeding Part:

a.      Auxiliary feeding fabric function: The auxiliary feeding roller working with motor, it can reduce the resistance when drawing the fabric.

b.      Keep the constant tension when feed fabric: There are three stainless steel optical shafts use for keep tension when feed fabric, these shafts help fabric keep constant tension, make sure the stability when feeding.

c.       Deflection prevention function:  There are two plates to prevent the fabric roll to sides and make sure the fabric roll still in the center when feeding.

d.      Pre-shaping function:  This function is an unique creative of our company, we use laser cutting machine to cut a arc shape in a circle plate, it is very easy and convenience to shape fabric when fabric through the arc.

e.      Fabric back function:  Motor of feeding part can contra rotating by switch button, then fabric can back.

2.      Sewing Head

We modified Japan made 3 needle sewing machine, Juki-Ms-1261, equipped with prolonged machine arm and shaping tube holder, also improved fabric feed system. This sewing head is more suitable for thick material and woven fiberglass.


3.      Main frame.

a.      Storage tension function: Upper storage roller and lower storage roller work in with position switch, it is for buffer storage and flat filter tube.

b.      Convey and cut function: Variable frequency large motor control conveying roller convey filter tube, when reach the set length, the rodless cylinder push rotary cutter to cut filter tube.


4.      Conveyor:  This part is a table for convey filter tube, set the length and push filter tube.

a.      Length set function: Double import sensor to make sure the accuracy.

b.      Convey function: 10meters conveyor table, make sure the filter tube in relaxed state and the accuracy of length set.

c.       Push function: After cut, the filter tube will be pushed by hairbrush, then start to convey the next filter tube. It adopted to linkage structure, one air cylinder can make sure the coordination during pushing.


5.      Control & Monitor System: The PLC is the control center of the whole production line,  cooperate with touch screen, inverter and some components to reach humanized operation.

a.      Switch to manual or automatic type easily, it suit for mass production.

b.      Touch screen can realize work logging, easy to management, also it can monitoring machine working.

c.       Inverter control the motors,  it can realize multi-direction control to ensure high standard and high quality.

d.      High resolution camera can monitor the cutting part.




Third Generation Automatic Filter Bag Production Line Technical Feature:

1.      Compact structure, reasonable connection method of the assembly unit. The main part of machine use aluminum alloy, it is not only beautiful, also easy to maintenance and the closed frame is more safe.

2.      Along with technological improvement and quantity production, the modified Juki Ms-1261 sewing head, tube holder and feed system is more stable;

High speed sewing head with double timing belt. It has high transmission accuracy to make sure the speed is much faster;

PLC control the start and stop of sewing head, cooling needle and cleaning. The start or stop of needling cooling is at the same time of the start or stop of sewing head. During sewing head working, the cleaning function will clean looper and thread tube at intervals, it can insure faster and stable stitch.

3.      Feeding part has automatic loading, automatic fix center and electric control guard plate functions.

4.      The whole machine controlled by servo and variable frequency, it is easy and convenience to adjust the speed.

5.      Main frame has manual fix center and electric fix center function to prevent fabric deviation;

The conveyor rollers use active drive mode. The gear box and cog belt drive the two conveyor rollers at same time. This kind of conveyor is smooth, absolute synchronization to ensure filter tube steady transport.

6.      It has thread break sensor, once thread break, machine stop automatically.

It has fabric roll sensor, when the fabric roll finished, machine will stop automatically, too.

7.      Automatic count and stop.

8.      The tension of storage controlled by air cylinder, the tension can be adjust, effectively protect filter tube and machine, the filter tube is more beautiful and the speed is faster.

9.      Feeding part with sensor control fabric feeding, make sure fabric feeding is more smooth.


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